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Closing for a Cause

As the mother of a recovering heroin addict, I have always been open and told my story. If I could help just one family member not feel ashamed of the situation they were in, it was worth it. However, I have always wanted to do more. Our system is broken and there is little to no help for anyone who wants to get clean. It is expensive with insurance and without it, most people can’t afford the help they need. It has been a passion of mine to find a way to help others in their addiction when it comes to cost and life saving measures.

The opportunity presented itself when I was challenged by my real estate coach to do 100 transactions over the next year. I wanted to take this opportunity to give back. I decided to partner with 4 organizations and donate from each of my closing stating Nov 17th 2022 (When we had my kickoff party) to November 16th of 2023. Each transaction, I will donate $1,000 and if I hit 100 transactions, I will double the amount to $2,000, This is the chance to give $50,000 to each organization. This is where the name Closings For A Cause came from.

Choosing the 4 organizations was easy!

The first two are strictly to help addicts. Britt’s Gift and R.O.O. Reaction to Opioid Overdose. The founders of these organizations are mommas who lost their sons to drug overdose and know the need that is out there. They took their tragedy and turned it into an opportunity to help others.

The third organization is Operation Once in A Life Time. Operation Once in a Lifetime’s mission is to make the dreams of our U.S. Service Members and their families come true by providing once in a lifetime experience for our military as well as emergency financial assistance through our multiple programs.

The fourth organization was nominated by guest at the Closing For A Cause Kick Off Event and voted by everyone.

The pictures and video is form our kick off event. Please feel free to click on each organization, learn more about them, make a donation if you feel lead to do so, and reach out to them if you need their assistance. Thank You!


A Big Thank You to:

Sharron Roland for sharing Randy’s story.
Cathy Heshmat for sharing Britt’s story.
Patrick Sowers for reminding us that ALL military matter and advocating for them.
Thank you to all 3 charities for allowing me to partner with you this next year.

And of course, I couldn’t have pulled this off without
Haley Flemming -Party Planner, Dani Kubitz – Videographer, Froncell Jackson – Photographer and City Works Servers and Staff .

Thank you for all that attended, and I look forward to doing it again next year!

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